OMG!  It's a page about Amanda!

I'm a little bit crazy.  Just a little. ;-)

About This Blog

This blog is a compilation of an old blog I used to have as part of a message board from back when I was a junior in high school and a new blog I started when I was in college. Between the two, I have entries going all the way back to age 16! So it's interesting to read the blog from oldest to newest entries and see what sorts of things were going on in my life, who I was friends with, who I was in a relationship with (even though like literally 90% of my boyfriends were in and out of my life before this blog ever got started, lol), etc.  Just take the image you get of me from it with a grain of salt.  I went through a couple periods of serious depression in my life, but I'm a SUPER happy person normally.  :)


I'm a Christian. I love God and hate religion. I listen to a lot of Christian music, and it's not awful at all. :-P I went to Christian school from K5 to 6th grade and was homeschooled on the same curriculum in 7th grade, so I was "saved" when I was 7. But I'm not sure if that really counted and I backslid hard around 8th grade when I started public school. I got really saved when I was 15 (almost 16) in 2004. I was baptised in July of 2004.

Me getting baptised at Life Church.  This was clearly during my "my hair isn't blonde ENOUGH so I need to dye it" phase, haha.

I'm a wifey  :D

I married my best friend Matt on November 19, 2011.  The wedding was epic fun.  I have an entire blog about the planning process and the wedding itself here.  Married life is amazing and I truly enjoy spending all my time with the person who loves me MORE the crazier I get.  :-P

I love my husband.  :)

I have a really big version of this picture framed.  :)

My Friends Rock

I have the greatest friends ever.  We call ourselves the Anarchy Association. We all bonded together in college, and most of us have married each other, haha.  We are all like family and have stuck together through tons of crap.  From Nathan and Elana's fight to become a couple, to Tracie's journey to becoming a famous director, to John's struggle with depression, to the break-up of my first engagement, to Callie's wrist surgeries setting back her graduation, to Laura's cancer diagnosis and treatment, and beyond.  We have been there for each other when things were wildly fun and when things massively sucked.

Nathan, Tracie, and Laura acting crazy at Laura's 22nd birthday party in 2008.

Me and my best friend Lisa in early 2009.

Epic cuddle!  This was in February 2009.  It would take all day to name everyone here, haha.

Elana, Nathan, Sean, and myself playing/watching Rock Band in March 2009.

The gang at Elana's birthday party in June 2009.

Everyone getting really excited about Pokemon in March 2010, haha.  Back row L to R:  Elisha, Brett, me.  Front row L to R:  Alex, Jordan (Mordecai), Deborah.

Laura's 80's-themed birthday party in September 2010.

Our girls' night in February 2011 at Laura's apartment - her last hurrah before chemo started.  Back row L to R:  Callie, Lisa, Elisha, Heather, me.  Front row L to R:  Deborah, Tracie, Laura, Andrea.

Me with my bridesmaids the morning of my wedding.  Left to right:  Callie, Tracie, Elana, me, Elisha, Laura, Lisa.


I was born and raised in Mobile, AL. I love my hometown. It's the birthplace of Mardi Gras! It's also on the Gulf Coast. Once you get over the hurricanes and the oil spills, there's really no place like it, haha. I like going to the beach occassionally, since, you know, it's basically down the street. BUT I can't swim. Weird, right? Grow up on the beach, never learn to swim, haha.  I also can't skate or properly blow my nose.  People have tried to teach me how to do all of those things, haha.  Maybe I just don't have very good control over my body.  :-P

This was in the summer of 2008 in Gulf Shores, so it was between my sophomore and junior years of college.

My Hair...yes, my hair get's its own section :-P

I have REALLY  long hair.  I have had it my whole life.  No, it's not some religious thing.  I just like it that way.  I am naturally blonde and have fine, board-straight hair.  It's my favorite feature on myself, really.  When I was a freshman in high school I decided that I didn't like the lowlights in my hair, so I started using sun-in to lighten that up.  But spray sun-in does not coat even, haha.  To cover the messed up spots, I sun-in'ed my whole head, effectively bleaching my hair.  It was SO BLONDE!  I don't have any pictures lying around from back then, though.  But I can show you a progression of some of the dyes I've tried since then.  ;-)
Senior portrait, June 2005.  I was still dyeing it a lighter blonde, but you can see I was growing it out.

Early Summer 2006.  This was about the darkest my mom would allow me to dye it, haha.  I really wanted to dye it black, but she refused, so I went darker and darker brown.

November 2006.  My cherry cordial hair (red with sparse blonde highlights).  Still not sure what possessed me to try bangs, haha.  This picture is deceiving:  they normally didn't look that good on me.

Early Summer 2007.  I was letting the dye fade out and growing the bangs back out.

Around October 2007, I decided that natural was overrated, haha.  I don't even remember what this color was called, but it was clearly RED.
A few months later, I somehow thought THIS disaster would look good.  LOL!  I hated it!  I dyed it back red as soon as physically possible, lol.

Here I am in Spring 2008.  This was the last time I dyed my hair.  I decided to go with a natural-looking auburn, instead of, you know, the color of a fruit, haha.

By December of 2008, my hair was just about natural again.

Around my 21st birthday, my hair was pretty much the longest it had ever been.  I decided to chop it off for charity.  (Ironically, the donation hair got damaged and couldn't be sent in.)

This is a recent picture of me that I took with my webcam.  I've pretty much left my hair alone for the past couple years.  We'll see what I do to it now though.  Who knows, maybe a return to the color on my shirt there, haha.