Friday, July 6, 2012

I went inside the house today...and other stuff

Over the past couple months, the blog has been pretty much nothing but updates on our house.  I thought this would be a good time to post an update on other things that are going on in our lives, as well as pictures of the inside of the house!

My face over the past 6 weeks or so had gotten really bad.  I had acne as a teenager and all, but it had finally cleared up after college (on the wedding day, my mom was shocked at how clear my skin was).  This stuff wasn't really acne though, and no acne treatment (wipes, creams, cleansers, etc.) seemed to be helping.  If anything, it seemed like it was getting worse.  I finally made myself an appointment with a dermatologist for June 25.  This is what my face looked like on Sunday night, June 24.  (Please try not to actually say "gross!" out loud, lol.)

Not only is there a hive/rash looking cluster of pimple-like bumps all around my mouth and on my forehead and right eyelid, but it looks like I have a permanent sunburn on my cheeks, nose, and chin.

So the dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea, an incurable-but-treatable skin condition.  He put me on a pill, gel, and soap-free facial cleanser regimen.  This was my face a week later, on Sunday, July 1.

I look like an entirely different person!  Holy crap, that stuff works hardcore, haha.
I'm planning on taking another picture this Sunday night as well.  I have a follow-up appointment on August 22, and I will probably have the clearest skin in the state by then, haha.

In the meantime, we finally got Matt to an allergy specialist.  They poked him with a bunch of needles to test for allergies.  And guess what?!  He was allergic to none of them.  We couldn't believe it!

All those little dots, and none of them caused a bump except for the control!

So the allergist recommended him to an ENT.  The ENT thought he was probably going to need nasal sinus surgery based on the x-rays, but wanted to do a CT scan to see for sure how extensive it was.  He gave Matt a tentative date of July 25ish for a surgery.  Yesterday Matt had his follow-up appointment after his CT scan, and the doctor told him that he wants to try some other things first (nasal spray, medication, etc.) and leave surgery as a last resort.

On the one hand, I'm relieved because we're tight on time and money with closing on our house coming up.  But on the other hand, I want Matt to get this surgery so he can breathe!  But we'll just wait and see.  Maybe later this year.

Switching gears totally now, haha.  On the 4th of July, I looked down at my hand and noticed that one of the black diamonds had fallen out of my wedding band!

The hole on the very end by my thumb nail should have a black diamond in it.  :(

We had a warranty with diamond bond on it, but the diamond bond is only valid if you get it inspected every 6 months.  And...well...we forgot the last, like, 3 inspections, lol.  So that's probably not going to hold.  Matt and I are going to the jewelry store tomorrow to see if they're feeling generous enough to replace the diamond free despite the lapsed inspections.  If not, we'll just get a quote.  I heard from someone with a similar replacement that it cost her $70, so I'm hoping for something like that (or lower).  Otherwise, it may have to go on the back burner until after the house stuff is all settled.

And speaking of house stuff, here's what I'm sure you really came to see!

Almost done!  The shutters, house number, landscaping, driveway, and some paint on the columns seem to be all that's missing on the outside.  Side note:  I think the colors of these pictures are just a little off.  I took them with my cell phone camera.

Closer view of the front porch

Foryer from the front porch

View of the kitchen from the dining room

Close-up of the cabinets/counters

View of the living room from the kitchen

Master bedroom from the doorway - bi-fold doors for laundry area sitting in bedroom floor, lol

Master bath

Laundry area in hallway

Hallway bathroom

Front bedroom from the doorway - windows look out into front yard