Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dark and mysterious stuff

I used to watch anime as a kid. Late elementary school and all of middle school, it was pretty much the only thing I watch on TV. I was seriously hooked. I would start a show and could not stop watching until I had gone all the way through. (I do that with serial-type TV shows; it's like I'm addicted to the storyline.) My freshman year of high school I watched it a bit, but almost in secret. Anime was for nerds in high school, and that was not the group I wanted to hang with back then. (Though now I'm a proud nerd, I wasn't always so.) So by my sophomore year of high school I had pretty much abandoned anime and wondered how I ever liked it, and didn't watch any anime for probably 8 years or more.

A few months ago, Matt and I were talking about anime over the phone. He had never watched any anime at all really, and was wanting to get into it. I named several shows off the top of my head that I had enjoyed as a kid, and we added them to our Netflix list, resolving to watch them together. So far, I have rewatched all of Trigun (Matt has seen most of it) and we're about half-way through Cowboy Bebop. I am all SQUEEEE about it and feeling like an otaku all over again.

At Matt's suggestion, we put Death Note on the list. That one was first aired in Japan in 2006-2007 (so the end of my senior year of high school through my freshman year of college), so obviously I have never seen it. So far I have seen up through episode 27, and I am HOOKED! The only way I can think to describe this show is dark, mysterious, and a bit addictive. I find myself dying to watch the next episode before I have even finished watching the current one - much like my LOST addiction.

I think I may have (temporarily at least) filled the LOST void. Haha, I think I have been spoiled to only like shows that keep you saying WTF the whole time!