Friday, September 3, 2010

Room Redesign!

I was tired of my old bad mattress, my small bed, my kiddie furniture, and the CLUTTER! So I decided it was time for a complete overhaul. After approximately 2 months and around $1500 (yes, ONLY $1500) I have a completely new room! Before and after pictures are posted below. GET EXCITED!

BEFORE | This was the view from my doorway. A cramped twin size bed, junk in front of the chest of drawers, etc.

BEFORE | This is the view from standing in front of the window. This wall actually wasn't terrible, but that vanity was literally falling apart. Though I think I did a pretty good job of making it LOOK like it was holding up, lol.

BEFORE | Close-up of the vanity area. Shoes, box-o-papers, and a guitar amp. Yeah, real organized, haha.

BEFORE | This was my "file box."

BEFORE | This wall had way too much going on. Notice how the microwave is actually hanging off the end of the hope chest. The hope chest was also useless as a hope chest because you couldn't open it, lol.

BEFORE | Cheval mirror shoved in a corner. The closet door wouldn't open all the way because of that thing.

BEFORE | Random shelf-o-stuff hidden behind the mirror.

BEFORE | No words necessary. It had to go, lol.

BEFORE | Bed that was too small and crammed in a corner.

BEFORE | Mattress that was sagging beyond reasonable use. They tend to do that after TWENTY YEARS.

BEFORE | Hodge podge of unmatching decorations. They were collected over the years, hung at various times, and never taken down.

BEFORE | My purple plastic "side table."

BEFORE | The curtain rod was coming out of the wall. You'd think it'd be fairly easy to find a wall stud to hang the curtains on near the window. You'd be wrong.

BEFORE | This was my dirty laundry hamper. In the window. In the middle of the floor. Need I say more? I now have a legitimate hamper which is in my closet where it belongs, lol.

BEFORE | Rock Band, a mini stationary bike, and a space heater making opening the drawers in this caty-cornered chest of drawers pretty much impossible. I have since gotten rid of Rock Band. By the way, does anyone want Rock Band for the Wii?

BEFORE | That's OK though, because I was basically using the chest of drawers as a glorified TV stand.

BEFORE | View of the wall where my desk was. Clutter floor to ceiling.

BEFORE | That's a guitar back there, lol. I'm still not sure how I managed to squeeze an acoustic guitar - inside a soft case - into that tiny spot.

BEFORE | This "printer stand" was actually an extra side table from my mom's room. I have since given it back, lol.

AFTER | View from the doorway. I love the new window treatment! I plan on putting some vinyl wall clings or some sort of framed art above the headboard to add some height.

AFTER | View from the corner by the closet door. The dresser is my favorite piece!

AFTER | View from the corner by the mini fridge. Check out my cute green clock! $4 from Target!

I had missed having an analog clock in my room. It's probably some weird psychological thing, but the ticking of a clock is calming for me and I always like to have a ticking clock in my room. I could be having a panic attack and a grandfather clock's chimes would calm me down, lol. Fun fact: I have always wanted to own a grandfather clock. I actually looked into buying a smaller, cheaper one to put in my room while I was redesigning it. Maybe for Christmas? Hmm...

AFTER | View from the corner by the TV stand. One of the cheapest improvements I made was replacing the cheval mirror with a sleek and thin over-the-door full length mirror. It was all of $10.

AFTER | MY NEW QUEEN SIZE BED!!! I bought a queen size wooden platform bed, a queen size mattress, and a queen size upholstered headboard. I was originally going to make my own upholstered headboard from scratch, but that was the last step and by this point I was exhausted and I just wanted it to be finished, lol. I got everything from Walmart and Target. It was all on sale because I bought it all during the "stock the dorm" rush sales, so I saved a ton!

AFTER | A close-up of one of my side tables. The side tables are adorable, they took like 45 minutes each to assemble, and they were $32 each! No kidding! The lamps and frames are from Target. The fact that those two Bibles have matching patterns on the cover is a complete coincidence, by the way. One of them was a gift, the other I bought. One is an NIV New Testament, one is an NLT One Year Bible. Go figure, haha.

AFTER | My cute little couldn't-be-more-perfectly-sized green rug from Target. I think I spent like $15 on it. It's all soft and fuzzy on my feet, lol. You may notice a glimpse of the old purple plastic "side table" in the bottom left corner. It is now serving as a sort of file cabinet, which eliminated the "box-o-files."

AFTER | It's me waving in the mirror! The dresser-mirror combo has to be my favorite. I've never had a dresser before, just a chest of drawers. So even though it took me a week and half WITH help from Matt to put it together, it's definitely worth it. I splurged on the mirror. It was not remotely on sale, haha. I'm pretty sure that it cost more than my headboard, lol. It was proportionately the most expensive purchase I made, but totally worth it.

AFTER | A TV STAND! An actual TV stand! Not only meant for TVs, but meant to go in the corner! I love it. I was only like $64 from Walmart, but it is amazing. It raises the TV to the PERFECT height for watching from my bed, the shelves are just the right size, and there are more shelves on the sides to store things that you're not exactly displaying at the moment.

AFTER | My new window treatment! You can't see the curtain rod in this picture, I'll have to upload a picture of it. I'm pretty proud of it. Because the wall was not holding the heavy (room-darkening) black curtains well and had started to tear, I decided to use two tension rods for this new setup: one plain one for the green curtain (since it's not able to be seen behind the black curtain anyway) and one really awesome one for the black curtain. The awesome one is a tension rod that has the tension clip thingies set INWARD about an inch or so on either side so that a decorative part of the curtain rod sticks out of the window frame and it doesn't look like your curtains are inset into the window frame like a regular tension rod would do. It's also really thick so that the curtains won't sag.

If you're wondering why I have two sets of curtains, one of which are room-darkening, it's because there are TWO major streetlights outside which shine right into my window. So without plenty of window coverage, my room is brighter at 11 p.m. than it is at 11 a.m. And I need dark to sleep, lol.

AFTER | My acoustic has a home now! It now graces the corner between my mini fridge table and my side table. It is actually less cramped there than this angle makes it look like it is.

AFTER | My new desk! Please disregard the can of Barq's on the mousepad, haha. I like the fact that the back of the desk has a raised shelf for putting things up out of the way. I also like being able to display my books (bottom right corner) without having them right in my face everytime I get on the computer, lol. A lot of the clutter that was on my old desk has now been moved over to my purple plastic "file cabinet."

In addition to all of the obvious changes pictured above, I also cleaned out my closet. I got rid of a bunch of old clothes and reorganized everything. That's the second time in one year that I've done that, which means I'm getting better at cleaning! Yay! But it also means that my wardrobe is now pitifully scant, lol. Hopefully I will get plenty of money and gift cards for Christmas so that I can go clothes shopping. Heck, maybe I'll just get clothes for Christmas, lol.

All of the clothes and furniture that I got rid of were donated to Goodwill, with the exception of the bed and hope chest which are going to a family member who wants them. So I can feel pretty good about that. My Rock Band for the Wii set is stationed at Matt's house, and we're trying to sell it if at all possible.