Saturday, August 28, 2010

Overdue Update

So, here's what's been going on in my life since my last post. It was only four months ago, but it feels more like four years! A lot of what's been going on has happened in the past month, so that will be the busy part. But get comfy and grab a snack because this is gonna be a looooooooong post.

OK. After my last post (right around my birthday actually), I did get a job offer from a company with whom I had interviewed as a last resort/plan B kind of thing. I was not psyched about that job at all. It was exactly what I DIDN'T want to do with my degree/career/life. They offered me a job. They asked if I wanted it - and as I really had no other choice - I gladly accepted. Then they told me how much I would be making...and it was $10,000/year LESS than I expected. It was $5,000/year LESS than I would need to carry out all of my life plans for the next few years. So yeah, way less psyched at that point, but I accepted anyway and said I would start after graduation. Job problem solved, now on to school.

My last couple of weeks of college were SUPER STRESSFUL OMG. I'm not sure when/if I slept. Did I eat those two or three weeks? I must have been drinking water or I would have died, lol. I actually had to plan out on paper everything I needed to do (study for multiple exams, write papers and reports, finish TWO senior projects, prepare THREE presentations, etc.) down to fifteen minute increments. When your day plan includes "bathroom break" and "eat," you know you've got a bit too much going on.

Meanwhile, I told my OB/GYN at my routine yearly check-up in April that I was super tired and that despite a diet and excercise program for four months I had GAINED five pounds. So he ran some tests, and discovered that my testosterone was waaaaay too low even for a menopausal 75-year-old. (Thank you, six years of birth control!) I laughed that he used that example, then he suggested a testosterone shot. I agreed. In hindsight, I should not have done that. I was angry for a month, my acne erupted back to puberty levels (just in time for graduation pics!), I was still falling asleep standing up, and I GAINED TWO POUNDS. So I went back to see my doctor (who is actually super awesome by the way, we're pretty much buds, lol) and told him that those were not the droids I was looking for. Now, this is where it gets interesting. My doctor takes "tired" and "fat" and comes up with "SPEED!" So he put me on Phentermine. Hell yes. More on that later. I'm trying to be as chronological as possible here.

I graduated on May 8, 2010. WOOHOO! Post-graduation I was supposed to meet up with a bunch of friends, but everything went all wrong. Rather than rewrite the story, I'll just post here what I told my friend Nathan on Facebook. He tagged a picture of himself and our friend Callie in their cap and gowns, and tagged a blank spot where (quote) "Amanda SHOULD HAVE BEEN. :P" My response is below.

Don't even get me started. My parents were supposed to meet me and Matt and his nephew at a certain portal, where they were then going to walk over to where you guys were. I was originally supposed to go meet you guys first while my famil...y and Matt came to me outside.

After I went outside, I called my mom and she was like "yeah I got your text to meet Matt at portal X but we decided to go to portal Y instead." I was like um, what?! I asked where she was, and she was on the COMPLETE OPPOSITE SIDE of the Mitchell Center and wanted ME to come to HER. I was like, um, so my plans are crap now? So I called Matt, met up with him, and walked over to where they randomly decided to hang out. Mind you, it took about 15 minutes to get to them because we had to go AGAINST the crowd. I was thinking "OMG mom what logic made you decide to pick THAT spot?!" as I fought through crowds of people standing stupidly in the middle of the walkways.

ALL THE WHILE I was getting calls and texts from you, Callie, Lisa, my mom wanting to know WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG, some random guy wanting to know what to do with his cap and gown, and probably someone else, I can't remember. I was fairly annoyed at that point, and actually started ignoring my phone. When Matt and I found my family, my mom wanted to take 7.9 million pictures. That is probably the point in time where the above picture of you and Callie was taken.

When that finished, my mom declared she was tired and was leaving, which is when you or Callie or the man in the moon or someone called to say you had already taken pictures. I was tired, annoyed, starving, and thought I had already missed you guys. So I said screw it, returned my cap and gown, and started walking with Matt to his car. When I unexpectedly ran into you guys, I got ridiculed for not having my cap and gown on.

OMG! I already wanted to punch someone, and you guys were like "no, we can't take pictures now, you don't have your gown on! :-P"

So tagging this, and making fun of me AGAIN, sucks.

So that was crap. But after that, myself, my family, and Matt went to a party at Matt's sister Hope's house that she held in my honor. That was a TON of fun and super awesome and Hope is pretty much the best future sister-in-law ever. She totally and completely treats me as if I'm already a family member and the whole walking-down-the-aisle thing is just a formality.


I started my new job and - as expected - HATED IT! I was actually getting physically sick when I was going to work. I'm sure the first day or so was side effects from Phentermine (which luckily wore off very quickly and never came back), but it sucked. I quit due to health reasons (not a lie) on my third day on the job. So yeah, that went over like a lead balloon. As I was preparing myself to quit, I e-mailed my boss at my old student job at Web Services and asked if I could come back and work out the rest of my student eligibility (until August 13 - you can only work as a student at USA for one semester after you graduate). She e-mailed me back pretty darn quick and said I could start back that same afternoon if I wanted! So the next day, I went back to work there.

In the meantime, I was having monthly check-ups while on Phentermine. The first month I lost the 5 pounds that I had gained mysteriously while dieting and exercising. The next month I lost the 2 pounds that I had gained from the testosterone. So I successfully made it back to my January weight in about June. After that, my body decided that it really liked that weight, and that Phentermine was just glorified caffeine. (By the way, nothing gets you going all day like 37.5 mg of SPEED in the morning, lol.) But after a couple months of no results and the prescription (which is not covered by insurance because weight loss is "nonessential") getting expensive, I told my doctor I was ready to stop. That was about 3 weeks ago. I have gained about 2 pounds, but I'm holding steady. I think I need to learn to accept this weight. Other than the Holocaust diet, I'm not sure how else to lose weight. Maybe if I get a second job now I can afford liposuction in time for my wedding...just kidding!

Anyway, back to the job situation. My boss was able to help me get a Temp position at the University Health System. It's pretty much amazing. I love my job and the pay is great. The only downside is that I have no benefits, and could really lose my job at any time. I think my assignment is set to end some time in October. I am about 95% certain that they want to keep me on board as a Temp for longer than that (probably at least until the first of the year), but I don't know about their plans to keep me permanently. I wish there wasn't a hiring freeze so they could just keep me forever. That would rock.

The same day that I got that job with the Health System, Matt got hired as a Domino's delivery guy. He makes surprisingly good money, but he has to work some crappy hours sometimes. Like right now. He's closing the store. And it's 1:39 a.m. But he likes his job, so I'm not complaining...too much. :-P

Also, Matt and I are seriously considering moving up our wedding date to November 19, 2011. But nothing is set in stone just yet.

So yeah, there's that. :D