Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DJ Chili D. is Perfect for Me

After a month and a half, it's still sort of sinking in that I'm really dating Matt. He pretty much rocks. He's always surprising me with how awesome he is. He's cool, funny, smart, interesting, sensitive (and yet manly at the same time which I LOVE), sexy, adorable, sweet, original, creative, gentlemanly, patient, attentive, loyal, kind, helpful, caring, and loving. (I feel like I'm leaving something out, lol.) We understand each other, we know each other, and we still love each other anyway. Neither of us wants to change a thing about the other one, but both of us want to better ourselves since we've started dating. We are totally supportive of each other in everything, and we always encourage each other instead of tearing each other down. I love everything about Matt and I really want this relationship to work and last. And one of the greatest things about Matt is that he feels the same way. We are perfect for each other!