Friday, August 25, 2006

My First Week of College

Alright, here we go! All about my first week of college/work.

I got to school to find myself in the world's worst parking nightmare. I finally parked and went to my Logic class (9:05-9:55). Then I left and wanted to move my car closer to my next class. Mmm...didn't work. First, I hit another car (just traded some paint and the person I hit never cared) but at the time I was FREAKING OUT. So after that I drove around for over 20 minutes trying to find another place to park. Finally found one even farther away from my next class than the space before it, walked half-way across campus to my CIS Freshman Seminar (10:10-11:00) and got there late. I'm the only girl in there, lol. Then I walked to my CIS 120 Problem Solving and Programming Concepts I class (11:15-12:05) which is right by Freshman Seminar. It was cool, but then I had to catch JagTran to go to my Calculus and It's Applications class (12:20-1:10) which was much easier than it sounds. Then I rode JagTran to work at Web Services (1:30-5) and got in 5 minutes late. Work went pretty well.

I got to school an hour and a half before my first class and was able to park right behind work! At about 9:15 I walked to the Mitchell Center for my Public Speaking class (9:30-10:45). Then I went to my CIS 120 lab (11:00-12:15) and downloaded a bunch of Java software. Then I went to the Student Center (our equivalent of the proverbial "quad") and sat down in the cafeteria. After a while of studying, Nathan came in and I went over and talked to him for a while. Turns out we both work on campus now (but I bet I make almost twice what he makes). But it was about to start raining, so I had to leave and go to work (1-5), but I didn't make it, lol. I got wet on the way there. Work was hard today.

Same classes as Monday, except that I got there early and parked at work again. After a hard day of classes, and finally catching the JagTran at about 1:20 (I was due at work at 1:30 and it's a 20-minute circuit). At the stop after the one I got on at, I happened to look to my right as we were pulling away, and to my absolute horror, THERE WAS WORK!!! All that time I could've been walking, and it was a shorter walk that took less time than the walk from my Logic class to my computer classes! I got to work at 1:45 determined to walk the next time.

I only have one class on Thursdays, Public Speaking (9:30-10:45). After class I went to the Student Center and found my friend Brett that went to high school with me in there. I got some pizza (huge mistake: 2 pieces and a coke was $6 and it tasted awful!) and sat and ate with him for a while. Then I saw my old HS friend Shelby and talked to her for a while before going to work (11:30-5). Work was great this day.

I went to the same classes as Monday and Wednesday except that Freshman Seminar is IT in Society on Fridays. I walked to and from my math class, and it didn't take long at all! I'm walking there and back from now on. I worked from 1:30-5 again today and it was really easy, because I was in my boss' office 95% of the time I was there going over the work I had done this week and making any necessary corrections.

And here I am! I think I'm gonna start liking college.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

No Rush for Me

I called my Rush counselor today, on the first official day of Rush, and told her I was dropping out. After the Parent/Daughter Orientation yesterday, I decided that it just wasn't for me. I can't afford it and it takes time away from other things that matter more, like studying and spending time with God and Anthony. So I'm not going to join a sorority after all. I think maybe God was pulling at my heartstrings not to go through with it. Maybe it's because I didn't pray about it before signing up and then writing a $50 check for it, lol. I am officially withdrawn, and I'm gonna go spend some time in the Word now and ask God's forgiveness for trying to do something so big without asking Him about it first.

Monday, August 7, 2006


I GOT A JOB! Friday I mailed my resume to Web Services at University of South Alabama (where I'm going to school) because they were hiring a student assistant web designer. Today I got a call from Jim (he's my boss now!) asking me if I could come in for an interview. So today at 3 I went in and talked to him. He and the woman who were interviewing me (I forgot her name, sorry!) both loved me and hired me! I'm working Monday-Friday from 1-5 PM and I get paid $10 an hour!!! The job doesn't interfere with any of my classes, my church, my club meetings, my study time, or my phone calls with Anthony! I even get every weekend and every holiday off! It's so perfect!!! I'm even allowed to do homework on the job when I don't have a work assignment! Thank the Lord God in Heaven for this awesome work opportunity! Jim even said that most of the student assistants get hired on full time when they graduate! I'm so unbelievably happy!!!