Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winter Jam

Winter Jam was awesome last night! They said there was probably 9,000 or more people there. They said it was one of the biggest crowds they've ever seen in any city at any Winter Jam. Me and Anthony and Brandon ended up sitting far from the stage. I tried to tell Anthony we needed to get there early, but he wouldn't listen. So next year we're getting there WAY before the doors open. But yeah, it was pretty cool. I saw alot of people I know, so that was cool. What sucked was afterwards. We tried to buy some merch, but there were too many people and it was late, so we went outside. Then we got lost on South's campus trying to find Anthony's car in the FREEZING night air. Finally we found it and went to McDonald's to eat, but it was packed already with other Winter Jam goers. So we just came to my house and ate a frozen pizza (cooked, of course). It turned out to be an OK night.

Today Anthony gave me a dozen roses and a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day! I gave him a special card and a cookie cake (he said he really wanted one, so I got him one). I love him! We went to church and it was pretty good this morning. I sat through the sermon wondering whether or not I really wanna have kids someday or not. Leaning towards not. But yeah, that's all for now. Comments, please! Bye!