Saturday, January 7, 2006

The New Semester

Hi guys! So, I guess I'll give you my school schedule for this semster.

1st block - German 2 with Dr. Doyle
2nd block - AP Government/Economics with Mr. Willmann
3rd block - Honors English 12 with Mr. Butler
4th block - Forensic Science with Mr. King

German is alot of fun. Holly unfortunately isn't in my block with me, but I still have Emilee and a couple other people I get along with pretty well in there to hang out with and work with. It'll be a great last semester in there. Dr. Doyle is one of my favorite teachers ever.

Government is great, but there's alot of reading. I have to read 1984 by George Orwell and a whole bunch of chapters EVERY WEEK in the huge, thick AP Government and Politics book. But Mr. Willmann was my favorite teacher when I had him all year last year, so of course I like him again this year. It'll be good in there because half the class has an awesome sense of humor.

Lunch is cool this semester. Me and Holly have the same lunch wave, and we don't eat on the concourse because the people we used to hang out with up there all have their own groups of friends to hang out with now. So me and Holly eat in the cafeteria with Kasey and Ariella and Kayla and T.J. It's great. They're all really nice, too.

English is SO HARD. We have to write like a million essays and read SO MUCH. Right now I have to read Jane Eyre in there, and I haven't started it yet. But I have a reading schedule set up for myself so that I'll finish it on time. I'm not gonna like the fact that we have to do about 4 or 5 group projects in there, because I absolutely HATE working in a group. I also don't really like Mr. Butler. I have a feeling I'm not gonna like this class too much, but I'll get through it by telling myself "May 18th and it's all over."

Forensic Science is pretty easy. We don't have a book or anything in there because this is the first year the schools have ever offered this class. We have to do a group project in there right now (my group is doing Charles Manson), but it's not so bad because one of my friends (Renee) is in my group. I don't like the guy in our group, but I'll get over it. This class looks like it's gonna be alot of fun. And Mr. King is a really nice and really easy (and fun) teacher, so I think this'll be a nice easy A to end my senior year with.

Well, I guess that's all for this entry guys. I've got alot of reading I've got to get done, and I got a letter from my German pen pal (Sarah, 16) today, so I need to go write her back. Leave me some comments! I really need some, because this week has been kinda tough for me. Bye!