Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Me Likey Narnia

So, how things have been going with me. Did I ever mention that I decided to change my college major? I've decided to major in CIS (Computer and Information Sciences) with a concentration in ITE (Information Technology) instead of minoring in it, and I've decided to minor in German instead of just taking classes in it. I've dropped psychology as a possible career course. You're just nothing without your doctorate in psychology, and I just think that's more than I could handle. I'd rather be a Computer Systems Analyst or a Web Designer and make more money.

Anyways, I have been obsessed with Narnia lately. I went to the library yesterday and checked out the only 2 Narnia books they had on-shelf, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (book 2) and Prince Caspian (book 4). Then I went to Wal-Mart and was going to buy either The Magician's Nephew (book 1) or The Horse and His Boy (book 3), but I found a compact NLT Bible for the same price and decided to get it instead. So we went home and I read both of the books I checked out in one sitting. Nice, lol. I told Anthony that I want either the boxed set or the book with all of them in it (I think it's called The Complete Chronicles or something like that) for my birthday. I really like Narnia. I have since eighth grade, actually. I'm trying to read all of them. But anyways....

I skipped church tonight. No particular reason other than I didn't really have any clean clothes that I wanted to wear and for some reason I'm extremely tired today. I hope I'm not getting sick. But yeah, I guess that's all for this entry. Comments! Bye!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Senior's Advice

Some days I end up eating lunch by myself, so I sit there (looking like a loser) and think about things. I'm a senior, so I look back to all those lunches of old. I've never been so alone as I am this year. I guess I can partially attribute that fact to all my friends being older than me and having graduated already, or going to different schools than me. But still, I get sad when I'm all alone. I think of it as the real world hitting me a little bit early. Most people are gonna have to learn the hard way that when they graduate, they become no one ridiculously fast. They suddenly become alone, and they get depressed all at once. For me, it's a slow process all through my senior year that's helping me look forward to college.

I guess the whole point of this sad, depressing wannaba-rant is that I want to pass along some wisdom to the underclassmen:

~Always make good grades, trust me
~The ACT pwns you if you don't start studying and taking it early
~KNOW what you want to major in BEFORE you start college
~"Hold on Loosely" is a good phrase for friendships
~Never sweat the small stuff
~Don't let people bring you down, you're not who they say you are
~Enjoy sad songs
~Don't take your relationships too seriously, marriage is FAR far away
~Treat your teachers good, they only make about $30,000 a year for this crap
~Treat your parents good, they've only got a few more years to spend with you
~Listen to your parents, it turns out working out pretty well for you if you do
~Enjoy every single second of high school, it never comes back