Friday, December 31, 2004

Missing Jeremiah...

I'm always depressed. It's not always easy to see, but it's because I'm lonely. I even sit alone at church every Sunday and Wednesday. I cried this past Sunday. I didn't let anybody see me. I don't want people to feel sorry for me, I want friends.

It's mostly Jeremiah. He's 4 1/2 years old than me (he's 21) and we used to be extremely close friends. We would hold each other and tell each other stuff and say I love you to each other. But he just suddenly stopped talking to me around the first of November and now he never even acknowledges me. He ignores me when I try to talk to him, he won't hug me like he used to (if at all), and I never see him anymore. I sent him an e-mail about it (we're not allowed to talk on the phone), but he hasn't replied yet. I even sent him a text message to tell him I e-mailed him, but I still haven't heard from him. I want to know what I did and I want my friend back. This really bothers me.

First Entry!!!

Hello all my fans! J/k. It's my first entry, so I guess I don't have any fans yet....

Anyway, since this is my first entry to my new blog, I should tell you guys some stuff about myself that isn't on the right. Stuff about my day is under all that stuff.

Name: Amanda Nicole Whatley
Birthday: Saturday, April 23, 1988
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Medium, lol
Hair Color: I recently dyed it brown and streaked it blonde, but I'm a natural blonde.
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Color(s): In order, blue, black, hotpink (when it's w/ black), and limegreen.
Favorite Food: Thin crust pepperoni pizza from Domino's!
Favorite Movie: The Passion of the Christ
Favorite Book: The Secret Life of Bees (I forgot the author's name!)
Favorite Show: Well, I never really watch TV, but I would say it is somewhere along the lines of Spongebob, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, weird stuff like that.
Favorite Music: Hard-driving rock, screamo, hardcore, and any metal except 80's hair metal .
Favorite Band: At the moment, Seventh Seal.
Talents: I sing and play guitar. I've also acted some and been on drama teams and stuff, but I take my music more seriously. I'm also a poet.
My Church: Life Church of Mobile
My School: Baker High School (HORNETS!!!)
My Websites:
Hardcore Devotion--a Christian headbanger's paradise!
My Homepage--some stuff about me and some really old, really bad pictures of me
It Has Begun--my Seventh Seal fan club.
My Testimony: Click here

Well, I've made my New Year's resolutions. Here they are:

1) Read the Bible more
2) Pray more
3) Stop being so stressed out all the time
4) Stop being so depressed